Your Job: Make other's lives easier - it will impress parents

Marketing Your Summer Camp is Easy When You Focus on Your Clients

Most camps find it very hard to stick out (among camps, let alone the other summer activities available).   There will always be another camp that is willing to run cheaper with better toys. 

{I heard a wise man once say: there will always be someone willing to go into bankruptcy faster than you.]

So How Do We Compete?

You be more useful. You strive to make families lives easier in everything you do.

In his amazing book Youtility, Jay Baer said there are 2 ways to stand out in a busy marketing place: 

  • be amazing (go viral) - you can do it once or twice but it's really not sustainable
  • be helpful.  This job you were born to do.

I found this scan on my computer today and it inspired my thinking.  This is a hand-drawn map of Huntsville, Ontario - the small town near our camp.    This map was handed down year to year from one summer administrator to the next.  This is a survival guide for the person responsible for all of the town runs each week. 

Cairn summer camp's town run map

What can you hand to your parents to show them that you know what they're going through?