12 Tips to Improve Your Staff Training Now

Camp Training Can Be Better

A couple of weeks ago Gab and I recorded our staff training duet - a quick back and forth with some of our best training ideas.    

Check out our best tips from our combined 30+ years of training. 

You can also listen to the show on our Podcast page.  If you are having trouble seeing the video you can watch it directly at http://youtu.be/k_ZqNvbQrus.

A number of people have been asking, on the CampHacker YouTube Channel and on the Summer Camp Professionals group on Facebook, if we could share some of the resources we mentioned. 

Our 10 Camp Staff Training Tips

  1. Expectations about Time: "We are working by _____" instead of "We are starting at ______".   Set unusual starting times - nothing on the hour or half hour. Everyone has to wear at watch. 
  2. Expectations about their Every Day Carry: First Aid Kit, aka FAK; pen and notebook at all times; whistle.
  3. Make a Pocket Counsellor (Monitrice de Poche) for your staff (download the guide to make your own at that link.).
  4. BURP'ing Night - Blurbs for Understanding your Responsibilities Perfectly or the New IGNITE format where people have 5 minutes, 20 slides set to advance every 20 seconds. 
  5. Review Crew. Michael Brandwein's idea to have a group of people review the topics from the day... in costume (How is this going to help you in your job? What is most important in this topic? Plus your conclusion) .
  6. SQRT (Super Quiet Reading Time): 15 minutes a day for staff to sit quietly and read through their staff manual. New staff must write down 1 question that comes up for them.  Partner with a senior staff person to find the answers
  7. 100 Challenges to do at camp (see the photos below for Cairn's 2012 list)
  8. Record sessions visually.
  9. Manage people's attention: make standing desks available for those that need to change position; allow people to duck out and come back 
  10. Clumping vs Cliques
  11. Secret friends for new staff members
  12. GoPro Challenge. Shoot a part of camp.

What Lady Gaga Can Teach You About Marketing Summer Camp

Little Monsters - one thing camp people have in common with Lady Gaga. No, I'm not referring to our campers, I mean that we have affectionate nicknames for the important people in our life.

Lady Gaga is a top-selling music artist because she is amazing at building and looking after her community (whom she calls her Little Monsters).   Camp Leaders can learn a lot (and will in this session) from how Lady Gaga's treats her True Fans.

What you will learn in this presentation
1. an understanding of the commitment Gaga makes to her True Fans and how easy it is to do with your camp families
2. a focussed plan to build an intensive two-way relationship with the campers and staff who LIVE to return to your camp.
3. specific actions you can take to build word of mouth referrals from your "Little Monsters"

This interactive presentation (strong visuals and videos) will show camps how to Lady Gaga has become an international sensation and how these lessons can work for camps.   
Your take home strategy: Focus on Your One Percenters, Lead with Values, Build Community, Make Them Feel Like Rock Stars and more.
We will break down each of these strategies and show how other camps are using them currently to fill their bunks.

17 Quick Tips to Improve Your Staff Training

The best ideas we have for Leadership Training Week

Thanks to Dan and Gab for a great exchange of ideas for Staff Training!  A couple of my favourites:

  • Put on your Leadership Glasses
  • Develop (and teach) a Clientelle Mindset
  • Create a Manual People Will Look At

Check out the original post with the audio to see the rest of the list.

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Listen to the audio, find our Tools of the Week and links to our co-hosts info here: 17 New Tips for Your Staff Training - CampHacker #70