Camper from Pearce Williams Christian Centre - Photographer Travis Allison

Camper from Pearce Williams Christian Centre - Photographer Travis Allison

CampHacker exists to create great camp communities so that camps are inspired to change the world.

Summer camps provide places for the discovery and discussion that lead the camp community to a sustainable future. Travis and Beth Allison founded CampHacker in order to create great camp communities so that campers will continue to be inspired to change the world. They are committed to throwing all their resources into saving summer camps.

CampHacker offers expertise through their podcast, blogs, and conversation. Through their site, they also sell resources like stickers, camp menus, and marketing calendars. As consultants, they offer leadership training, mastermind groups, and marketing evaluations. They also publish a weekly newsletter which focuses on issues facing summer camp professionals, like inexpensive and effective marketing; building a staff that you know, like, and trust; working with parents; and leadership development for camp directors. They do everything they can to be the best possible resource to the camp community, so that summer camp can remain a priority for every family.

Clients love the CampHacker resources. [Name] explains, “I love the Mastermind Group—a whole lot… I know I will be re-energized and I always leave the call with several action items.” And [name] raves, “Sometimes our pace makes it's hard to think about 12 months out, 24 months out. Travis makes sure we're pushing in the right direction. With how fast digital marketing is changing right now, his guidance is invaluable. I'd sooner reduce my own salary than cut him off.”

We loved hearing about live chat as an option for our camp.

We’ve implemented it and are seeing resounding praise from our families!
It has been a game changer for us and has increased our engagement with families and we hope will translate to increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

Thank you so much for helping us see the light!

With gratitude,


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The CampHacker Insider is focused on issues facing summer camp professionals like:

  • inexpensive and effective marketing
  • building a staff that you know, like and trust
  • working with camper parents
  • developing yourself to be the best camp director possible

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The CampHackers Speaking

Travis Allison (Travis Allison on Google Plus)

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Canadian Camp Director's Course (Cambridge, ON) - Social Media Marketing Your Summer Camp

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International Webinar: Social Media Marketing for Private Schools and Summer Camps

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For the past year, Beth has been focussing her work on several camps with new directors at their helm.   She also has been travelling to camps to work with their staff during Leadership Training week.

Leadership Training Sessions

The Window Project - What View Do You Offer Your Campers

Building Bridges - How to Build a Bridge While Walking On It

Let It Go - Putting It All In Perspective

The Happiness Project

Stereotypes in Media

What Am I Entitled To?

Would you like Beth or Travis to work with your staff at Leadership training.  Please Contact Us.