How do you know when you're hiring the best camp consultants?

evaluation from a summer camp director

Check their references!

After each stage of our consultation process we ask our summer camp clients to give us their feedback.   Here is just a small sample of all of the great testimonials we have received: 

What is one thing you learned that you didn't know before this facilitation or consultation?

- Multiple sources of social media which can all be drawn upon to better enhance our exposure in conjunction with our new web site. Linkedin is a very cool "professional" resource.
- I didn't know what services were available to build web sites that were interactive and provide a range of services to members/clients.
- Travis has been excellent at getting us to think about different ways to present our information online, and how to target information to different customers (i.e. prospective camper families vs. veteran camper families).

Is there any information about the topic of our facilitation or consultation that you have thought of since the meeting?

- Ways to increase our presence online for search engines (i.e. Google), the feel and "texture" we wish to achieve for our website.

Would you recommend CampHacker to other businesses in your industry who are looking for social media advice? If yes, why?

- Travis has made things easy to understand and seems very passionate about his work (which makes you feel confident in the job he is going to do for you).
- Down to earth presentations, and a comprehensive understanding of our needs and direction. A true collaboration moving in a forward direction.
- Travis has been professional and thorough in fulfilling his services. Would not hesitate to recommend.
- Travis is very knowledgeable and I was impressed by how he managed to sort through so many of our needs and find a service that would meet those needs at a reasonable cost.
- Very thorough investigation of our Association's needs, Travis worked collaboratively with those who needed to be part of the decision making process - his presentation really summed things up nicely and he was very receptive to the questions of the Board. Great job!!!!!
- Travis offers a service designed to meet our unique needs. He takes time to learn about our camp/business, and develops a solid depth of understanding of our philosophy, goals, and objectives.

Any feedback you can provide will help us make our services better for companies in the future (also for our continued relationship with your organization). Is there anything you would like to add to your answers?

- Thanks so much.  Again, this seems like a scary and daunting undertaking right now, but I am confident with Travis' help, we will acheive or exceed our goals on this project!