CampHack: Found at a Camp for Visually Impaired Children

Creative Method for Keeping Blind Campers Safe

I spoke at the annual ACA Wisconsin Educational Event at the Wisconsin Lions Camp.   Lions Camp folks were super-nice to us all and were very kind to me!   It was such a cool opportunity to spend the day sharing ideas with brilliant camp people (and so nice to meet so many #CampPros!)

Check out what they have done at Lions Camp.  Many of their campers are visually impaired.   In order to make their life at camp a little easier, the camp has put wind chimes outside the doors of many of their main buildings.   What makes this so S-M-R-T is that each building's chime is tuned to a different chord!   

You want to go to the dining hall... listen for Cmaj.  Health Centre (sorry... Center) - there's F#.

What I don't know is if the chord names are know.   How cool would it be if the chimes were in the key of G (G, C, D chords) - they would be in the key of 90% of the camp songs ever written!

Listen here: