I wanted to take a second to thank you for your work. I think you do great things for this industry as a whole, but your work for Chippewa Ranch Camp has been tangible and effective, and you make complicated technological concepts both digestible and achievable. Even this followup summery is remarkably useful :) Have a great weekend and I look forward to our next call.
— Cliff Lissner, Chippewa Ranch Camp, WI, USA
I have been working with Travis to develop and implement a social media plan for my practice. At the outset, I wondered how social media could really help me. Now that we have been working together for sometime, I have come to understand the power of social media in my business. Travis has made social media - from LinkedIn to Twitter to blogging - easy to understand and implement, and has kept me accountable to my goals. He made tools such as Hootsuite accessible and un-intimidating, and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to implement a true strategy that reflects my brand. Throughout the process, he has helped me find my voice and develop relationships that will serve my business for a long time to come.
— Jennifer Reynolds
Travis has extensive knowledge of marketing and social media. We’ve been to many of his presentations at the American Camp Association’s National Conference and Tri-State Conference. We have always walked away with so many valuable “nuggets” of information that have moved our company forward. We also consulted with Travis on our website and within minutes he was able to identify key components missing from our home page. While we work with him in the camp industry, his knowledge crosses over many industries.
— Laura Kelly, The Handwork Studio, PA, USA
I just wanted to say thanks to Travis Allison for taking the time to run through the CampHacker Playbook he put together for YMCA Camp Kitaki , with us today. We are still digesting things, but if you are looking for some help prioritizing your online efforts and focusing in on what is most effective for you and your market, Travis’ product certainly will help with that! It is personalized to your camp and includes comparisons to some of your local competitors. Really neat information! Thanks again Travis!
— Jason Smith, YMCA Camp Kitaki, NB, USA

Reviews of the CampHacker Podcast

Always a good idea!
I’ve listened to a number of CampHacker podcasts and really enjoy them, because of the great ideas they share. It’s like getting together with your camp buddies and sharing ideas and just the conversation gets you thinking more creatively. I always come away from these podcasts with another good idea or two or ten! Thanks, and keep up the good work!!!
— Trailhead Marshal on iTunes
It’s Summer Camp 101!
This is a podcast where there’s a lot of nodding your head while listening, occasionally talking back to it (saying YES! and “What are you, crazy”?) and always, always, taking something away from it. This podcast is not only for camp management, it’s for anyone that works or volunteers in the summer camp industry. As a former staff member, current board member and always a volunteer, I can say for certain, this podcast has improved campers lives! Well done!
— emptybee on iTunes
Awesome podcasts! I am listening to them all and getting tons of excellent info!
— Carriecbw on iTunes
Wow…CampHacker Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Travis. Keep bringing it.
— Matt McWilliams on iTunes
I love these podcasts. I get more great ideas from these than any (expensive) conference I may attend. It is so valuable to hear industry veterans and leaders share some of their best practices, insights and camp secrets. This podcast has been a huge blessing to me and my Camp.
— Smokeyhousers on iTunes